July 16 2019

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020.1 Update Only (x64)

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020.1 Update Only (x64)

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Autodesk Inventor software provides professional-grade engineering solutions for 3D mechanical design, simulation, tool creation, and design communication that help you to make great products, cost-effectively, in less time. Inventor is the foundation of the Autodesk solution for product development. The Inventor model is an accurate 3D digital model that enables you to validate the form, fit, and function of a design as you work, minimizing the need to test the design with physical prototypes.

Features and software features Inventor Professional Autodesk:
-User interface is suitable for quick learning
-has a geometric modeling kernel using Autodesk ShapeManager
-Coordination with various CAD software
-includes the following major sections:
-Part Modeling:the first part of the work of the most complete mechanical design and modeling environment
-Assembly:assembly designed with specific instructions with access to standard software library includes hundreds of thousands of pieces
-Drawing:the facade of components designed for applications such as AutoCAD and allows output
-Sheet Metal:Vrqkary design and take the form of spreadsheets Khrvjygrftn
-Weldment:welding standards as well as possible gaps between the two pieces of welding
-Presentation:Animation parts and burst modes
-Piping:Piping advanced and easy design path with the latest standards Piping Pipes
-Frame Generation:professional design of structures and frames with complete tools ready
-Inventor Studio:construction project designed videos from all views
-Dynamic Simulation:Analysis of Energy and behavior in non-fixed parts

System Requirements:
OS:Microsoft® Windows® 10/Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 with Update KB4019990
CPU: Recommended:3.0 GHz or greater, 4 or more cores / Minimum:2.5 GHz or greater
Memory: Recommended:20 GB RAM or more / Minimum:8 GB RAM for less than 500-part assemblies
Graphics: Recommended:4 GB GPU with 106 GB/S Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant / Minimum:1 GB GPU with 29 GB/S Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant
Display:Recommended:3840 x 2160 (4K); Preferred scaling: 100%, 125%, 150% or 200% / Minimum:1280 x 1024
NET:.NET Framework Version 4.7 or later. Windows Updates enabled for installation.

-Full local install of Microsoft® Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 for iFeatures, iParts, iAssemblies, Global BOM, Parts Lists, Revision Tables, spreadsheet-driven designs and Studio animation of Positional Representations.
-64-bit Microsoft Office is required to export Access 2007, dBase IV, Text and CSV formats.
-Office 365 subscribers must ensure they have a local installation of Microsoft Excel 2016.
-Windows Excel Starter®, OpenOffice®, and browser-based Office 365 applications are not supported.[/i]Whats New:
Inventor Professional 2020.1 Release Notes:

Fixed Issues:

Add-Ins - 3D PDF:
-Outdated Assembly template PDF file causing issues with a Parts List within a 3D PDF is replaced with the updated template.

Add-Ins Content Center:
-Resolved issue where the Content Center Refresh command failed to update out-of-date standard parts.
-Improved stability when clicking the Apply button in the Content Center Family Table dialog box.
-Resolved issue where the Content Center Editor dialog box would freeze after editing a family table.

Add-Ins Design Accelerator:
-Improved stability when exploding a Design Accelerator feature.
-Resolved issue where Bolted Connection would use the diameter of the Hole feature when the Fastener definition in the Hole feature was expected.
-Resolved issue with hole feature yielding incorrect result when more than one hole center is selected and termination plane/surface is under an angle (non parallel to the start plane).
-Improved stability using Update or Manual/Automatic Solve to update an assembly containing Design Accelerator components.
-Resolve issue that prevented shaft generator features from being deleted when the flat structure mode was enabled.
-Improved stability when working with Design Accelerator keys.

Add-Ins Frame Generator:
-Resolved issue where Frame Generator geometry failed to update correctly after changing an angle parameter in the skeleton of a sketch.

Add-Ins Simulation Dynamic Simulation:
-Resolved issue with Portugal Inventor builds not letting you define unit less Dynamic Simulation parameters.
-Improved stability when working with the Dynamic Simulation "Export to FEA" command.
-Resolved issue with Dynamic Simulation data failing to output via the VBA API.

Add-Ins Simulation Stress Analysis:
-Resolved issue where the setting, Create OLD Link to Result Files, in the Stress Analysis Setting > Solver dialog, when selected, failed to generate expected results.

Add-Ins Tube and Pipe:
-Resolved issue where icons of tube and pipe components copied from, and then pasted into, the browser did not display correctly.
-Improved stability with Flange when creating Tube & Pipe routes.
-The ITEM-DESCRIPTION attribute has been added to exported PCF files from Tube & Pipe to improve data transfer from Inventor to AutoCAD Plant3d.
-Improved stability and increased robustness when working in the Tube & Pipe environment.
-Improved stability when working with the Tube & Pipe routing command and using right click context menu.

Add-Ins iLogic:
-Resolved issue that prevented lists of number values, such as a list in an Excel spreadsheet, from being assigned to a multi-value text parameter.
-Improved stability when using the iLogic Event Trigger command to change iProperties.
-iProperties in User Defined Properties property set with "_" prefix are available through API.

Assemblies Create-Place-Edit:
-Resolved issue when copying a part from one assembly into an empty assembly copy/past issue when the Application Option, Plan and ground first component at origin, is enabled.

Assemblies Design Views:
Improved stability when accessing a context menu after selecting a part in an assembly.

Assemblies Pattern:
Improved stability of editing circular pattern which is related to work axis.

Assemblies Update-Rebuild:
-Improved stability when opening and updating a data set with a corrupted link to the parameter folder.

Drawings Annotations:
-Improved stability when using AutoStack.
-Resolved issue when placing an ordinate dimension on a hole with cosmetic threads.

Drawings Sketch:
-Resolved issue where the default line weights were missing in the drawing sketch environment.

Drawings Styles:
-Resolved issue with the Leader text position setting, All above Landing Line, would not let you center the annotation.
-Resolved issue where the Style Conflict error message appears when opening a file with no actual style conflicts.

Drawings Symbol Library:
Resolved issue with placed sketch symbols displaying an unexpected black image.

Drawings UI:
-Resolved issue with not being able to open files from the vault when accessing the Open from Vault command from the Replace Model References dialog box.

Drawings Views:
-Improved stability after copying a drawing (.idw) file using the Replace Model Reference command into a new file, and then closing the source drawing (.idw) file.
-Resolved issue where solid hatched welds were not appearing in a drawing (.idw) file.
-Improved stability when opening a drawing (.idw) file.

-Resolved issue where a transparent background PNG appears as black.
-Improved stability when using zoom on a complex surface part.
-Improved stability when inserting a large image into a drawing (.idw) file.

-Resolved issue where the In-Product-Messaging trial dialog did not display when starting with a trial license.
-Resolved an issue where Inventor wasn't able to retrieve the network license from a deployment install.

Model Based Definition:
Improved stability when working with an assembly that contains sick welding symbols.

Parts Extrude:
-Resolved issue when displaying the expression in the value box with Display as expression option when editing Extrude, Revolve or Hole feature.
-Resolved issues with the extrude command when selecting the invisible work plane for distance for From face.
-Resolved issue with a referenced dimension changing value when switching between Join and New body to create a third body.
-Resolved issue where the context menu option, Create Feature, was in the sketch environment.

Parts Revolve:
-Resolved issue with the Revolve command not letting you click Direction to change the From/To workplane setting.

Parts Fillet-Chamfer:
-Resolved issue where the default fillet radius value was not being selected in the mini-toolbar.

Parts Hole-Threads:
-Improved stability when adding a hole offset in the Y direction with an expression.

Parts Sheet Metal:
-Resolved issue where a false warning message, "Failed to open document", displayed when saving a sheet metal part in Inventor.
-Resolved issue where the Flat Pattern orientation is incorrect when the thickness in a Sheet Metal Part differs from the thickness in the Sheet Metal Rule the Flat Pattern.

-Improved stability when working in a presentation (.ipn) file where a part was removed from the original assembly (.iam) file.

-Resolved issues with dual dimensions in a .dwg file being exported incorrectly to a .idw file.
-Resolved issue that prevented color from being exported into OBJ files.

-Improved stability when docking and undocking the Inventor browser.
-Resolved issue where the size of the vault browser panel was not maintained when closing and reopening files.
-Resolved issue with an area in the browser that was unresponsive to mouse clicks.
-Resolved issue where the entry in the sketch dimension textbox was cut off in a 4K display.



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