July 01 2020

Dermatology Visual Recognition and Case Reviews

Dermatology   Visual Recognition and Case Reviews
Dermatology Visual Recognition and Case Revie
pdf | 70.57 MB | English | Author :Christine J. Ko | B01LZEX8X9 | 2016

Book Description :

Designed for dermatologists, dermatopathologists, and trainees of all levels, Dermatology: Visual Recognition and Case Revie is a brand-new resource that aims to maximize your skill at recognizing diseases by visual presentation. Its unique dedication to rich images enhances your learning experience, ability to understand and visualize key concepts, and retention of information, while case revie offer examples of the framework that can be used when approaching a patient.
  • Concise text allo the focus to be placed on images, maximizing your ability to recognize diseases by visual presentation to better prepare you for day-to-day clinic, certification and maintenance exams.
  • Arranged by patterns of skin disease (e.g. diffuse vs. localized, patterned), with clues (e.g. islands of sparing, nail changes) to different diagnoses and emphasis on the correlation between clinical and microscopic findings.
  • Key difference pages for each section/subsection enable you to quickly compare and contrast different diseases that can look similar but are distinguishable.
  • Case revie hone in on specifics when evaluating a patient.
  • Boasts high-quality clinical and pathological images for nearly all entities, plus useful body schematic sho likely distribution areas.
  • Features differential diagnosis ofparticular presentations.

Category : | Dermatology, Dermatology

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