September 14 2019

An Armchair of Dissent

An Armchair of Dissent

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Descirption: I should say how proud I am of myself, my origins, my existence as a White, Anglo-Saxon, English, British, Christian, Anglican middle-class male of a certain age... but I cannot.This book is a journey into my past, Britain's past, by someone-me-who is profoundly uncomfortable with it and with the present in which it has resulted. It is selective, quirky and ordinary, using information openly available to anyone via the internet. It reveals a story of the triumph of arrogant superiority and brutal expediency in defence of a morally indefensible regime of minority domination. Its realities have been fictionalised into a tale of institutionalised glory and civilised advance of human society that denies the frailty of the human psyche and the deadly savagery, self-seeking greed and single-minded pursuit of power that is my inheritance.

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